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The Four Minute Entrepreneur: Amazon Pre-Order

March 9, 2020


The Four Minute Entrepreneur offers aspiring entrepreneurs a roadmap to success – one that isn’t sugar-coated and is realistic. Author Adam Eli Clark is living proof that success doesn’t always come from the traditional path of formal education or deep family pockets.

Growing up in a rural town can lead many to a dead-end: dead-end job, monotonous routines, and rigid pre-determined paths, all to ultimately remain in – or return to – the same old town. Not Adam! What could have ended up being the story every rural kid can relate to, being stuck in their tiny hometown, turned out quite differently due to Adam’s driven entrepreneurship and admirable work ethic.

Now the owner of an Australia-based 7-figure digital marketing agency, FOUR AM, Adam Eli Clark identifies himself as a “chronic entrepreneur.” He started his digital marketing legacy at the young age of 16 years old – when he realised he had to take his dreams by the reigns in order to fully utilise his talents.

The Four Minute Entrepreneur is a short ebook jam-packed with the tools and knowledge you need to begin your own journey.

Pre-Order now on Amazon:

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